Therapist Spotlight: Corinne McDonald, MT-BC

Today's Therapist Spotlight showcases another of our newest team members, Corinne McDonald. Corinne joined the Keys team in January 2017. She works with individuals and groups in Cincinnati, Batesville, Lawrenceburg, and Aurora.

Where did you go to school?

Florida State University



West Palm Beach, FL


Primary Instrument?



Why did you go into Music Therapy?

I knew that I wanted to do music for a living and didn't want to perform for a living but also didn't want to be a music educator. I wanted to make a difference in people's lives by using music. I didn't know what kind of field would do that and one day I googled 'music and helping people' and found music therapy from that search!


Favorite music-related quote?

"Music can change the world because music can change people." -Bono


What is your favorite part of being an MT?

I love being a music therapist because I get the opportunity to use music as my tool to change people's lives.


Advice for a high school student interested in this career?

This is a challenging career and program to get through due to classes from psychology and anatomy to music theory, drumming, guitar, and research methods.  But, if you have the passion to be a music therapist you will love and cherish every second of it and it will be so worth it.


Some Favorites!

Favorite song- One of my favorite songs to use as a music therapist is 'Don't Worry Be Happy.' I've seen this simple song lift spirits in times of depression, encourage deep discussions about anxiety, make beautiful music with harmonies, bring a group together to provide a connection, and provide the oppportunity to teach reggae drumming rhythms.