Therapist Spotlight: Yemani Schneider, MT-BC

Today's Therapist Spotlight showcases our resident guitar guru, Yemani Schneider. Yemani joined Keys for Success in May 2015 after completing his internship at the Pioneer Center/Ross County Board of DD in Chillicothe, OH. He works with individuals and groups in Cincinnati, Penntown, Lawrenceburg, and also provides services to a variety of facilities and schools.

Where did you go to school?

University of Dayton – go Flyers!


Cincinnati, OH

Primary Instrument?


Why did you go into Music Therapy?

Using music to help people was the perfect combination of both of my biggest passions: helping people and music!

Favorite music-related quote?

“Music is the universal language”

What is your favorite part of being an MT?

The smiles and the progress! I love seeing my clients' happiness and witnessing their growth.

Advice for a high school student interested in this career?

Find a certified Music Therapist and ask them about their work; ask them about the ups and downs of being a Music Therapist. Choose a school that suits your personality and compliments your strengths!

Some Favorites!

Favorite movie- The Godfather Parts I & II

Favorite song- This is a tough one! “Lucille” by BB King taught me how to play the blues, so it will always be a special song to me.

Favorite accessory percussion instrument?

The djembe is my favorite percussion instrument to use with my clients. It has a nice, deep bass sound that can be felt in our bodies, providing sensory and auditory stimulation. It also has high-pitched sounds that provide a great contrast! It can be played many different ways: rubbing, with finger-tips, scratching, with mallets, open hands, closed hands, on the sides, etc. It can be played by numerous people at once, bringing them together and giving them the opportunity for: appropriate interpersonal interaction, turn taking, sharing, eye-contact, social interaction, listening, and musical conversations!