The mission of Keys for Success is to provide energetic, thoughtful, and dignified music therapy services and to advocate for the needs of the individuals we serve to improve quality of life and specific skill areas.  


Music therapy is an evidence-based practice using specifically designed music interventions to enable individuals to reach non-musical goals. 

how does it work?

Music therapists use purposeful music experiences, such as instrument play, singing, songwriting, listening to music, and moving to music to effect positive changes and growth in areas such as communication, social skills, fine and gross motor skills, cognitive skills, and emotional expression. 

why is it Effective?

Music is highly motivating and energizing, yet can also be organizing, calming, and relaxing.

Music engages multiple areas of the brain, regulates neurotransmitters, enhances synchrony or neural firing, and is a clear signal to the brain; these four features make it a great modality for changing the brain and enhancing skill development.