Spring Concert Success!

We recently had our annual Keys for Success Music Therapy Spring Concerts, and we want to congratulate all of our performers on their phenomenal performances!
         Our clients look forward to our Spring concert every year. These concerts are the perfect opportunities for them to showcase to their families and friends all the creative and hard work they’ve done in Music Therapy. They work hard practicing their songs in the weeks and months leading up to the concerts, and they often choose the music, instruments, and songs that they will perform. Some clients perform solo or in a duo, others perform in a group, and many perform together in the end as a finale! This year, our performers shared a beautiful sign language interpretation of “How Far It Goes” and a funky dance to “Can’t Stop the Feeling” in the finale- it was an awesome group effort!
         It is amazing to witness the growth, expression, courage, and pride that our clients demonstrate each year at our concerts. Often, the concerts have large crowds, with many people taking pictures, watching intently, and looking forward to hearing the music. The large crowds and performance-atmosphere can cause some of our clients to feel nervous about performing; it is wonderful to watch them overcome their nerves and have the courage to perform in front of a packed house!
         The process of preparing for and performing in the concert provides our clients with a variety of beneficial experiences. When our clients choose the songs they want to perform, they exercise independence and make a commitment to a future goal. When they practice their songs, they engage in discipline and concentration. The process of practice, preparation, and planning for the concert is similar to many aspects of how we all operate in our daily lives: we set goals for ourselves, plan accordingly, prepare, and then follow through to the best of our ability. Likewise, our clients experience these same processes and take pride in their achievements along the way. The ultimate pay-off is the concert: hearing the applause, performing in the finale, and taking part in their very own special day!
         Another beneficial aspect of our concerts is the community-building that can be experienced by clients, families, and therapists. The concerts are opportunities for clients to meet other clients, to hear what music others are working on, and to share their own music with their peers. Families are also given the opportunity to meet the Keys for Success team, meet other clients, and come together with other families.
         The annual Spring concert gives our clients a special goal to work towards, a fun event to look forward to, and an opportunity to be the awesome rock-stars that they are!