Therapist Spotlight: Lindsay Menninger, MT-BC

Today's Therapist Spotlight features owner of Keys for Success, Lindsay Menninger. Lindsay has been a music therapist for 13 years and started Keys for Success in 2008. 

Where did you go to school?

University of Dayton- Flyer Up!



Columbus, IN


Primary Instrument?

My primary instrument through high school and college was trombone! In therapy, my primary instrument is the guitar.


Why did you go into Music Therapy?

In middle school, I needed to find a research topic and was looking through the pamphlet file at the library (yes- the pamphlet file!). I was looking for topics about pop music and saw a file labeled Music Therapy. The rest is history- from the moment I opened that file and read the first article about using music to improve gait in Parkinson's patients, I knew that I would "grow up" to be a music therapist.


Favorite music-related quote?

"Where words fail, music speaks."


What is your favorite part of being a music therapist?

My favorite part of being a music therapist is connecting with and helping people and families. As Keys for Success has grown, I have stepped into more of an administrative role and I love being in the position to continue to advocate for and connect with all our families. I love talking with new families about music therapy and helping them navigate funding, waivers, etc. I also love reconnecting with our current families at meetings, concerts, and community events. It is amazing to see the continued growth of folks that I began working with years ago and I feel honored to have met so many wonderful people through my career.


Advice for a high school student interested in this career?

My advice for a high school student would be to try to connect with local music therapists and/or volunteer at community music therapy events. Definitely focus on your musical skills in high school- that will help you so much in your college courses!


Some Favorites!

Favorite movie- Right now my favorite movie is Sing- my girls and I watch it A LOT and it has fun music! A long-time favorite is Mary Poppins.

Favorite song- I agree with Erin- I love Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. The chord progression is so moving and I love to rewrite the lyrics for it as well. It is said that Cohen originally wrote 80 verses for the song before whittling it down for the recording!

Favorite accessory percussion instrument? I love to use the tambourine in sessions. It makes a great target for working on gross motor skills and can make a variety of sounds to work on sequencing and listening skills. I also love using the cabasa for sensory input and its unique sound.